Dr. Terry Binkovitz, PhD.,
Marriage, Family Therapist
Marriage Family Therapist

About Dr. Binkovitz

Terry Binkovitz, PhD.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
310 826-9100

 Dr. Terry Binkovitz has a PhD. in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.  She has been in private practice for over twenty years.

 For three years, Dr. Binkovitz hosted a weekly radio show “The Courage To Heal” dealing with a wide variety of topics that touched many people’s lives.

 Dr. Binkovitz currently teaches seminars, workshops and retreats on subjects, which include: “Conflict Evolution”, “The Inner Workings of Relationships”, “Creativity”, “The Dream and the Dreamer”, “Women and Power’ and “Parenting the Sensitive Child”.  She has also, facilitated an on going Women’s Group for over ten years.

 Dr. Binkovitz has been trained in a unique approach to therapy called Process Work, developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell.  Process work is a dynamic and transformative approach, which uses Jungian psychology, Taoism and physics.

 Some of the clients she has worked with in designing Corporate Wellness Programs and Achievement/Communication Trainings are Continental Airlines, Mc Donald’s Corporation, Nutri-System Weight Loss Center, American Lung Association, SOS Emergency Technology and Voight Fitness and Dance Center.  Dr. Binkovitz has been an education provider of the Minimum Continuing Education credit of the State Bar of California and has taught a course that meets their requirement in the area of prevention, detection and treatment of substance abuse and emotional distress.

 At Bay Cities Mental Health Center, Dr. Binkovitz lead groups for those recovering from substance abuse and those suffering with eating disorders.  She also has conducted groups for teens at Culver City High School and Marlborough Girls’ School.

 Dr. Binkovitz has served as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for Westside Waldorf School (a Nursery through 8th grade private Waldorf School) for three years.

Dr. Terry Binkovitz, PhD. 310 826-9100